Online therapy programs

How I can help you

If you’ve got to this page you are getting some idea of how I help people who suffer from anxiety, irritability, angry outbursts, depression, anxiety, poor concentration, flashbacks, joint pain and so often weight gain.  These are people who have been been traumatised.

I use face to face and online hypnotherapy to help them access and resolve those deep memories that are so often felt rather than verbilised so that they become stronger and wiser, reduce anxiety and regain peace and self belief.

I also run cost effective online therapy programs Here.  These include:

Free Information with 8 modules including videos plus,

Escape From Anxiety and Relax and Lose Weight.  Both of these help you to understand the origins of anxiety and your needs to eat and drink more than you really need and to retain more weight than you want.

And we do this without going over and over issues because this just increases pain.

Both of the paid therapy programs have 8 or more modules of self-paced therapy for only $57 per week for 12 months or you can pay up front for only $470.

Learn More allows you to view a muted form of the product, before you choose to buy.

I am with you all the way to answer questions and hold out my hand to help you across difficult areas and I have a private Facebook group where you can ask questions.

Just email me on

This is your link to the site 




Everyone who buys either a full  one-on-one hypnotherapy package for either Anxiety or Weight-loss for $1500 is also given free access to the online program because it provides additional understanding of how and why your body and your mind work together.

Some people choose to  buy the online therapy program and then book one or more individual face-to-face sessions at $250 each. This provides 3 levels of cost so that no one is excluded from getting help.