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Relax and Lose Weight

Relax and lose weight works

This program is delivered over seven weeks but it is important to understand that your weight loss will take longer than this.

I think we all realise that dieting does not lead to long term weight loss because our bodies are stressed and recognise this as a famine so that we need to retain more fat when it is over.

Watch the video about my weight loss journey because sorting out your mindset and simply learning to relax about your weight and enjoy your food is what helps you to find a healthy balance.


We evolved our physiology and metabolism as cave people and our two big threats were cold and starvation.  Our basic physiology has not changed much.  When we are threatened, we go into fight, flight or freeze mode. These have a huge impact on our digestive system.

Also, it is important to understand that our bodies see diets as starvation or famine and desperately try to retain fat.  If the diet is “successful” we lose weight short term. When it is over, we put it all on again and more to protect us from future famines.  So, we get the yo-yo effect, which steadily puts on more weight.

The difference between my normal face to face hypnotherapy and this Relax to Lose Weight program is that you get a deeper understanding of what is going on in your mind to allow the weight to build up and become a problem.

You also get several hypnosis and relaxation downloads and self-hypnosis training as part of your tool box for life long weight management.

And the added information goes on mulling away in the background.

Relax and lose weight is not a quick fix or a band aid, it is a lifelong toolbox giving you learning and training for your mindset

This all costs no more than 1 cup of coffee and a bun each week and it transforms your life

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Sue’s story

Sue first came to me to Quit Smoking, This worked wonderfully.
Then she came back later to deal with a lifetime of anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Her life has been transformed.
She had suffered ongoing sexual abuse form older family members all her childhood.

She had suffered ongoing sexual abuse from older family members all her childhood. which left her with severe ongoing anxiety and PTSD.
With PTSD the stress is held in all the cells of your body and until it is released that memory is never resolved. The stress and trauma is never over.
sue imagined she was in a movie scene under hypnosis to rescue her younger abused self from the situation, then went in to deal with those perpetrators as an empowered adult.

When Margaret was suddenly widowed

When Margaret was suddenly widowed she was grieving and felt totally overwhelmed by running a successful winery that had always been her husband’s domain and being surrounded by wine. She became dependent on drinking for a short while. She and her husband owned a successful winery and Margaret found some 'me" time when she drank some of the wine she was surrounded by. This did become addictive. She is very well now.

People who are very stressed often look for some “me” time or a “safe place” with a drink or cigarette. I really enjoy a game of solitaire on my IPad as a quick form of relaxation but I recognise that this can become addictive if I am over tired.

I have worked with several professional people like accountants and lawyers who used alcohol to relieve the stress of their every day life until it got out of control putting enormous pressure on their families as well as themselves.

Stress needs to be managed. It is like filling up a balloon; if you keep filling it more and more without releasing some regularly it reaches bursting point. You do need to be careful what you choose for your release mechanism, make sure it is safe and use it in small amounts often.

Lizzy suffered almost unbelievable trauma

Lizzy came to see me for help to reduce her drinking. She had been treated for breast cancer with a double mastectomy leaving her with very ugly and lumpy scars. She was ashamed of her body and was trying to hide it from her husband. Her marriage had become very uncertain.

What had happened to her as an Aussie girl in her early 20s working in London was a massive trauma. She was abducted from the street, imprisoned for 3 days and raped multiple times. She managed to escape thankfully.
Her family gave her no support because they just said " well it over now" so don't go on thinking about it".
Trauma like that is not stored and put away neatly in the past. It remains current and is held in the tissues of the body.
As I am also a breast cancer survivor who had a double mastectomy, she immediately realised the "I get it".
Hypnotherapy helped her to get the relief of finally knowing it is over and she came to love and care for her body again. He relationship with her husband also healed.

A busy and stressed accountant

Fred owns a busy accountancy practice with very efficient staff and a well run office.
He however he was overwhelmed. He had was taking home his client’s problems leaving him feeling as though he was in a “vortex” or whiling thoughts and worries. This is classic trauma.
The only way he thought he could cope with this was to drink, which he did at lunchtime, after work and at weekends – in ever increasing amounts.

I used a combination of business coaching around the rule that you “don’t take on the problem if the problem isn’t yours" and added hypnotherapy to break the alcohol habit – job done! Fred is now coping well in his business, has lost weight and no longer drinks. That also saved his marriage which has been on the rocks due to the drinking and general stress overload.
Managers and professionals like accountants, lawyers, doctors and many others are trained in their professions but the commonsense business management training Is often missing. I know because I had to learn this the hard way 20 years ago so I got help from business coaches and consultants that was worth every cent that I spent. and I spent 10 years as a business management consultant before I returned to my true love of getting out minds and bodies to work together

Maria’s wonderful transformation

Maria came to see me with PTSD, diabetes and weighing 94kgs. She had suffered domestic violence, sex abuse and 2 very violent marriages. She wanted to get a degree, a professional career, lose weight and be free from stress and insecurity. Now she weighs 71kgs, no longer has diabetes, is successfully studying part time for her degree as well as working full time with high need families and running her household with a loving husband and children. Under hypnosis she put all her abusers into a box and kicked and spat on them until they all blew away as tiny fragments. She was free of the past, it was over.

Later I received a letter...Hi Jean,
Just to let you know that I am grateful for all your support and treatment on my lifelong journey. I recently had the pleasure of meeting my past abusers recently at a 70th birthday party. I was actually shocked that, I even received an invite. The agenda before the party was hidden, but transpired on the spot. I believe it was your guiding words that I secured the belief, “I was born ready!” I handled myself with pose, confidence and God’s unending grace. The abusers are a mere old, demoralised and lonely old group of folk that provoked nothing more than compassion from myself.

I stood with my head held high, responded to their probing questions with grace and informed them of my wonderful, pleasant, loving family and lifestyle. Just before we left, an Aunty, tapped my arm and said, “your father would have been so proud.” (My father suffered a violent suicide when I was 16 years old). My response, I know that!

You see my experiences up until that point revolved around “those family members” in some way. At this particular point, I truely understood those people have, in no way, have anymore power. You gave me that strength, thank you, I will forever be great full. Know that I think of you often.

Yours Thankfully,